Saturday, December 19, 2009

My most 'Colourful' memory :)

Yes, Holi it is! My most vividly colourful memory. A groggy eyed me was dragged out of the room and subjected to an egg. I almost complained, but then saw Sweetu's (90!) plight. She already had two, and the end of the day the count was a dozen..or more! Some managed to run away that day, the others had a whale of a time. Many of our absolutely clueless friends from down south were taught the nuances of this festival..the IIFT way..the fun way. :) So there was Convener, who learnt the tricks of the trade at lighting speed and was seen fetching buckets after buckets of water for everyone willing or not willing to be soaked. There was Sreejith sporting a brand new white tshirt saying 'His HOLIness!'. :D New clothes on holi?! He might not be repeating that anytime soon :)

The foreign exchange guys came defenseless. :D Clean clothes, cameras in hand and they actually had 'spraying guns' with them! The spraying guns were used, but just to amuse the kids in us. Even they were painted black n blue! Then there was the tub and the routine. First, make the victim lie down in the mud, put some more mud over the top and then pour water (diligently brought by Convener :) ). Then make him/her sit in a tub and add some more water and mud and an odd egg or two. I tried ducking this by holding on to my camera, but that trick is really growing old! No one buys it anymore. :(

Now since this is a public forum, I have kept this blog decent. I shall not go into the details of what followed. :) Just that all the guys lost a tshirt that day. A particular tshirt refused to give in, so help was called in and as far as I remember, six brave men finally pulled it apart. :D The ladies started another round of holi on the side and well, let's not even think of getting into that! :)

Not one face was clean that day. Not one person untouched by all the filth, eggs and the joy of it. Sometimes the unexpected brings unprecedented joy. That's life. Awesome, out of the blue! Guess it is always the people around us who make a mundane place/time/event extraordinary. And the people around us, the Batch of 2010, is by all means that...Extraordinarily awesome! :)

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  1. hey don bet on ma eyes on a new tshirt for this holi :p